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The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 to more accurately define the concept of intelligence and to address the question whether methods which claim to measure intelligence (or aspects thereof) are truly scientific. Gardner's theory argues that intelligence, particularly as it is traditionally defined, does not sufficiently encompass the wide variety of abilities humans display. In his conception, a child who masters multiplication easily is not necessarily more intelligent overall than a child who struggles to do so. The second child may be stronger in another kind of intelligence and therefore
(1) may best learn the given material through a different approach,
(2) may excel in a field outside of mathematics, or
(3) may even be looking at the multiplication process at a fundamentally deeper level, which can result in a seeming slowness that hides a mathematical intelligence that is potentially higher than that of a child who easily memorizes the multiplication table.


The course for Diploma in Multiple Intelligence in classroom and Blooms Taxonomy. will be transacted in 6 Months (6 Modules to be covered) Extension can be given upto the period of 6 months (Only in special cases) Date of joining- You can join the course in any month.

MODE OF COURSE : The distance course will have two modes depending on the suitability of the applicants:

POSTAL Fees Rs. 7500/-

Study materials will be couriered to you at your residential address. Personal tutors will be allotted to guide you through the course content. You can correspond with your tutor through email or chat facility at fixed intervals. Upon enrolling, you will be allotted a personal tutor, whom you may contact when require any assistance.

Joining Process

Joining is open to all aspiring candidates including principals, teachers, students, parents, administrators, coordinators, etc. Aspirants need to fill up the application form. Application form can be downloaded from our website. Complete application form along with an enclosed bank draft for the fee made in favors of “WAY2BRAIN DMIT Pvt. Ltd.”, Payable at Ahmedabad – India.


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